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N Garden Sheds Enterprise
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Welcome to N Garden Sheds Enterprise

Foreign Workers of Maid,Own Approval ,Outsourcing Approval, Insurance FWCS

欲知外勞漂白行動詳情或有疑問,可聯絡內政部行動室(03-88868110/8112)、傳真(03-88894836)或發電郵 至

N Garden Sheds Agency specializes in providing quality recruitment and outsourcing services to clients.                  
Our international offices and contacts in China, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand will provide you with the most suitable candidates.

1)Why recruit foreign workers?
a. Foreign workers are renowned for their hard work, loyalty, high sense of responsibility and discipline.
b. They are experienced in working in the extreme of climatic conditions.                                               
c. They are comparatively cost effective as their hiring cost is lower compared to other labour exporting countries.

2)There are so many other agency in Johor Bahru why should we choose N Garden Sheds Agency?           
Ans: There are 600+ recruitment agency in Johor Bahru, but there are only less than 20 agency that have the experience to employ workers.

3) How much would it cost us to employ foreign worker?
Ans: Base on sectors and approval .                                               
4) Will the foreign worker be able to communicate in english?
Ans: Depending on the requirements of our clients we will screen through the candidates strictly base on the requirement given.
5) What if during the employment, we find that the candidate is not suitable or the candidate have disciplinary problems?
Ans: N Garden will provide counselling service to the candidate.

** Got more question? give us a call or drop us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
To assist in collection, cancellation, renewal of Work Permits and other administrative matters pertaining to KETUA PENGARAH IMIGRESEN MALAYSIA during the workers employment;

We, N Garden Sheds Agency, envision the company to be at the forefront of the Malaysia
(Johor Bahru) recruitment business. We will be seen as a centre of excellence trailblazing and
espousing the best practices in the industry within the bounds of the law.

Together, we shall be acknowledged by our government, the industry and by all the clients we serve,
the N Garden Sheds Agency is one of the best recruitment companies in Johor Bahru in terms of management effectiveness.

Our mission is to provide our clients the best service with smile, professionalism and integrity.
At the same time, we do have a thought of improving the quality of life willing to risk abroad under unfamiliar circumstances, it acknowledges its social responsibility and extending a helping hand to
its clients not only during the recruitment process but all throughout the duration of the employment
up to the time the workers returns safely in the comfort of his/her family. On the other hand we are dedicated to satisfy all our clients with superior quality service resulting in quality applicants with our excellence, leadership and integrity in the industry. Our mission also includes building the strength of
our organization, our people, our Management team, and our financial resources to achieve continuous growth and profitability for our company.